15Basic figures

Basic figures

Figures are the boxes that hold images in one form or another on any given web page.

The template website supports two versions of figures; the first (covered in this section) is just a basic image that appears on any web page:

Figure 15.1 - An image on a website
Figure 15.1   An image on a website

This is just a straight forward image, clicking it doesn’t do anything

Then we have lightbox images, where clicking the image opens a bigger version of the image and greys out the background website:

Figure 15.2 - A lightbox image
Figure 15.2   A lightbox image

This section is only concerned with the first type, displaying a simple image on a website. The second, lightbox image requires a Java plug-in and is explained in section 20.

That said, the lightbox arrangement is based on the basic figure construction discussed here; it has all the same containers and captions &c.

For a website that uses images of one sort or another, this section is the place to start.

End flourish image