23Landing page differences


Landing page differences

The landing page for a website is usually (and always in my case) the index.html page (seems a long time since we discussed that). It is the first page on the website and is usually the one that people start with.

The landing page is basically an introduction to the website and has a large table of contents that take you to whichever section of the website you are looking for.

There are four main differences to the landing page:

  1. There is no navigation bar at the top

  2. The sticky navigation only has next chapter and section buttons

  3. There is a web site title and cover image

  4. The table of contents contains a complete list of all sections

If I scroll down the page a bit, you will see the sticky navigation bar:

Figure 23.2 - Landing page sticky navigation
Figure 23.2   Landing page sticky navigation

The home, previous section and previous chapter links are all missing. The home link is missing because this page is the home page. The previous links are missing because there are no previous chapters or sections, this is the first page.

Other than that, the landing page is just like any other page, it can have sections, subsections inline sections, images, tables, Lightbox, code fragments &c. all the stuff we’ve discussed in previous pages.

In fact all the differences are in the <heading> area. If you’ve read through all the previous chapters, this is going to be dead easy for you. I don’t do anything new. Consider it to be a tidying up exercise for the first page.

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