THIS PUBLICATION (WEBSITE) is, in effect an online book. The purpose of this book is to explain how the Git version control system (VCS) and its online partner in crime GitHub work; specifically how these two applications can be made to work from within the development environment of the Brackets text editor.

I explain everything from scratch:

  1. The concepts used by Git and GitHub for version control

  2. Installing Git

  3. Using Git Bash (Git’s command line terminal) to set up the default configuration for Git on your machine

  4. Setting up a GitHub account

  5. Installing Brackets and the tools needed to incorporate Git and GitHub

  6. An example web project to demonstrate the proper way to use Brackets and the Git and GitHub version control system

  7. Instructions for working with GitHub directly

  8. Using GitHub in collaboration with others

I also provide additional material explaining the command line interface and some useful information for developing with GitHub.

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