5Git inside Brackets


BRACKETS—this is my text editor of choice for creating websites. I discuss why and how to install Brackets on the practical series website (the instructions are summarised in appendix a). Brackets uses extensions, these are “plugins” that add extra functionality to Brackets, I install some general purpose ones to make web development easier (I list these and the mechanism of installing them here and again in appendix a.2).

I recommend you install the above extensions; it will make the following examples easier.

In this section I will cover making a new repository in GitHub, making a local copy (clone) on a PC and then using Brackets to manage this local copy.

The process will require the installation of another Brackets extension called Brackets-Git, this provides the interface between Brackets and the Git version control system.

This is the main point of this document, this is the bit I want to explain: controlling Git and GitHub from within a Brackets project—all the other things we’ve done up to now, we’ve done just to make this bit work.

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