6Git & Brackets a worked example


In this section, I use the Brackets-Git extension to create the lab-01-website discussed in a theoretical manner in section 2.2.1.

I will go through this process as a fully worked example demonstrating branching, merging and conflict resolution.

Broadly, I will use Brackets-Git to do the following:

  1. Create a new repository on a local machine

  2. Create the initial website and add it to the repository

  3. Create new branches to develop additional web pages

  4. Merge these branches back into the master branch

  5. Explain how to resolve conflicts

  6. Tagging commit points

This section deals entirely with a local repository on a single PC. In subsequent sections I expand this website and incorporate it into a remote repository to demonstrate how Brackets-Git can manage remote as well as local repositories.

Some of what I do here is similar to what I did in the previous chapter—that however was just an introduction. This is a fully worked example and covers Brackets-Git in much more detail.

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