10Body text, sections and headings


IN THIS SECTION, I build the parts of the website that hold all the content. This will form the bulk of the website; virtually everything on each web page will in one way or another be dependent on the things I do here.

This section covers the following topics:

  1. Body text and making it responsive

  2. Using the CSS 3 alternatives to <div> elements

  3. Specifying the different heading levels and making them responsive

  4. Setting the basic body text styles for paragraphs and sidebars

  5. Defining CSS classes to apply different formatting styles to body text

The software

The explanations and instructions used in this section are based around the deployable web site software; i.e. it uses the template pages for the HTML and the final versions of style.css, grid.css and other files issued with the website template software.

The website template software is available here.

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