11Headers, footers and basic navigation

Headers, footers & basic navigation

Having introduced semantic elements in the previous chapter and examined the <section> and <aside> elements in great detail, I look at the semantic elements that come above and below all the sections: the <header> element and the <footer> element (in green and blue respectively in Figure 11.1 below).

I also cover the basic navigation structures that live in these elements: the navigation bar at the top, the table of contents area and the common navigation elements in the footer.

Figure 11.1 - Website page semantic element structure
Figure 11.1   Website page semantic element structure
The software

The explanations and instructions used in this section are based around the deployable web site software; i.e. it uses the template pages for the HTML and the final versions of style.css, grid.css and other files issued with the website template software.

The website template software is available here.

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