12Lists and notes


Lists are a common way of grouping items; they come in two forms: Numbered and unnumbered, they look like this:

Numbered list:

  1. Formatting text to give a pleasing layout and appearance

  2. Configuring responsive side bars

  3. Different types of headings

  4. Incorporating figures, tables and footnotes

  5. Navigation and links

Unnumbered list:

  • Using scalable graphics

  • Creating icon fonts

  • Optimising code and graphics

  • How to move content from Word to the website

  • Pictures of my dogs (maybe not so useful)

I also use a form of unnumbered list to apply a notational style of hanging paragraph (hanging indent):

  • For most fonts, ascenders and descenders are of a similar height with, generally, the descenders being if anything, slightly shorter.

I briefly looked at unnumbered lists in § 11.5.1 when examining entries in the table of contents. This section gives a much more detailed analysis of lists.

The software

The explanations and instructions used in this section are based around the deployable web site software; i.e. it uses the template pages for the HTML and the final versions of style.css, grid.css and other files issued with the website template software.

The website template software is available here.

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